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FLY SISTER FLY FOUNDATION- Cheap solar powered radio sets for marginalized communities.


ABOUT FLY SISTER FLY FOUNDATION- Cheap solar powered radio sets for marginalized communities.:-

Fly Sister Fly Foundation champions for the rights of girls to an education in marginalized communities of Northern Kenya.We run grassroots advocacy campaigns enlightening people on the importance of education to their children. Oftentimes;through sponsors and well-wishers,we support some girls from these areas with school fees,stationery and sanitary pads to keep them in school. Our main challenge has been how to incorporate technology in our advocacy campaigns and in return reach out to more people in these communities. We have resolved to use community radio to address this challenge and hence have more girls enroll in schools across the region.There is a radio station in Samburu called Serian FM but due to poverty,90% of the population do not own radio sets. We aim to provide solar powered radios with LED torches to community members who agree to enroll their children in school. We aim to air informative radio programs. The torch will be used for lighting and for doing homework.


An Eton NFR160WXB Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger costs $72 (plus shipping costs) on Amazon. This is an equivalent of Ksh 7365.56 for one radio set. We will start with ten radio sets for ten manyattas.One radio set will be used per manyatta for the time being.The radio sets will cost Ksh 73,656. We will use Ksh 15,000 to record informative programs on human rights, women rights, the importance of education, peace,HIV/AIDS and give the pre-recorded information to the radio station. With a better budget, we can record the information on memory sticks and give the people since the proposed radio set has a USB port. Ksh 8,000 will be used to transport the radios to Northern Kenya and teach the community members on how to operate them. The remaining Ksh 3,344 will be used to buy stationery for any new children who will be willing to start school immediately. Other means will be used to get them uniform and sanitary pads.